Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A new day at the old place

Old place is equivalent to a place where i am now.. Alash.. I am back in UPM for reason that i still cant believe i did that.. Never ever.. But indeed, i am doubting my conscious at the moment even until now. Am i really into it?

Whatever it gonna be.. I guess i need time to adapt to it once again.. A mind to be set and a game to play i suppose.. Am I a gamer anyway? Is this what am i looking for? PASSION or DEPRESSION?

The first day ended up with all about sustain and green.. It make me wanna puke at the halfway with all the same feed into the mind.. Is UPM green enough? I doubt.. Just like the hulk or the mask? HOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. and more assignments to come ahead to beat my swollen eyes..

I really really lost with my pair of eyes.. But still, it is mine.. hoho.. so I forgive you for now.. and sorry AMY.. hehe

Signing off for a nap..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It is once again a new year

So fast and one year finally come to say its bye.. Well, undeniable, this week is eventually the worst week of my life. Down with both red eyes, i cant really recalled what is the so fun about everything.. Well, i may have a quiet xmas and new year but indeed, i found out that home is the best place for me to find my piece of comfort..

I dont want to leave this place yet, but, the call to go on to further study is already at the corner. Awaiting me each day and it is indeed ruining my mood. Why would i be greedy? Why I cant just appreciate each single moment i had? Argghh.. This is so full of myself again...

Adapting to the so called surrounding again when i am already comfortable...... I started to question myself again if i will be regretting it the next minutes...

I wished there is a real fairytale out there. But there wasnt really any for me i guess.. For so, not that i dont deserve it yet, it doesnt deserve me perhaps. That was great as i realised it by myself... Ahhh.. This is all the bad influence from korean drama.. AHHH..

So, this new year come with few new resolution.. I will change into some family girl. I will love my family even more. Because it is them who with me during the darkest week of the year... When i cant see clearly, somehow, they showed me what is ahead.... Haha.. Happy new year in advance.. ;p

I hope to find the star someday.. AHh.. korean drama.. yoyo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I love this particular month the most of my entire yearly calender. It is because happy things happy the most in this month.. This is the month where my fav holiday happened.. And to the believe that next year will be better...Why not december? It is simply because December is just following the November. You just get excited to get to each daring day of the holiday..

Each chef has their own preference. Well, this applied to me. I like November mainly because I am saggi.. Born with my archer to decide what to be pointed to in my life. Saggi is the luckiest of all star, because they come with all thing that make one even more complete. We have a pair of running legs, a bow, and the human mind part.. Least of not, we just conquered some ideas.. Hmm.. Proud to be a saggi i suppose..

Even the experts said so.. So, there is no reason for me to act weakly each loving day .. ;p 

You were born under the ninth sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. As such, you are positive and spontaneous in whatever you do. You certainly dont mind the idea of taking risks. People are attracted to your upbeat nature and you make them feel good in your company. Your enthusiasm and optimism is contagious and people just love to be with you. Because of this high level of energy, which seems to be continually on tap, youre able to utilize it in achieving your ambitions, which are sometimes much larger than you can actually handle. This seems to be because your philosophy is to bite off more than you can chew and then chew as hard and fast as you can. One of your primary lessons in life will be to learn your limits and not exceed your capabilities.

And i think i am looking for Aries.. wakakaka..

Aries is the perfect match for Sagittarius and this will be a fiery combination. They have an optimistic outlook to life and are high energy individuals. A warm relationship where both will be outspoken and honest. The best part about it that they will inspire and encourage each other to reach newer heights. They will have instinctive hunches and feelings about each other which will further strengthen the loving bond. Aries has a wild side...  dot dot dot.. Hmm.. 

Anyhow, whatever sign, it just a matter of sign... Haha.. I wonder, how nice to study abt astrology as well.. Soon.. ;p 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

The laughter for today might be the fear of tomorrow

Well, I tried my best not to be influenced by my wholesome emotion but it never works well........... Especially during this week when my entire mood if ruined by the single idea...

What would bother me after all? Again.. All those non-sense that hacked my wall of personal.. I just got hit and i guess i need urgent recovery... It is not an accident but it is human made or more accurate, sueann made.

To live in a two timing world is so damn hard, while i try to fit myself into this small space, a medium space appear next door. I dont want to lose myself but along the way, I just lost it. The charisma that i would be talking about.... Many things come across my mind yet, not a lot that i can do.

Maybe by watching from afar, I can see things clearly.. I need a life.. Definitely..

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Staying in Malaysia for almost 23 years, and it is just about the time to come to realise that our government is dumb. If I am one minister, I will make sure the coming planning isn't even on the list. How could they come up with all kind of policy that do not overlook the future. They are young childish guy up there, day dreaming on the futurist of nowhere .
Donate to me please, Donate to me....

Not to mention the hundred storey so called tower. How could you appoint a foreign to make the planning and how could you never doubt about why they wanted for a 100 storey? Importing all the technology from all over with the hard earned money that we had all this while. This is not even a winning deal in barter system. Pouring the money to the sea for the sea creatures is even better.

I really dont get it. You give money for others to make fame rather than sending your land children to oversea to get the skill and come back. Why would you just be so cruel? Don't you plan for the future or you plan for what you can see only?

And the other day, I just cant stand with the government servant again. Not all but one is already killing. Your government is so spoil to spoil you. Meeting with one of the local authority for discussion. Ahhh.. I was just wanted to ask a few relevant questions and to the heck, she talk for two hours with me. I am not there to chit chatting with you. Please have the right attitude with your work.

I cant stay even a moment longer in the government office. Watching the slow catching moment with all kind of break. It is like a retiring department. Where old people under 30 act like 60 years old. Shame to the real old people who still working hard out there. Well, what to do, close one eye and walk off.

But, truly, as a young Malaysian, I am too sad to see the government in this condition but what to do. I am still not interested to get into political stuff. This is mainly because of the fear of becoming one of them. I dont want to be a lazy stuffed worm waiting everyday to the end of month just for the pay.  This is so saddening.. Cant you see people up there? Cant you just do something about that? Do not let us die in vain.

And about the new policy as in discussion today. About how the government try to be kind by allowing each foreign worker to come and work for 5 years and to send them back. Yeah, you seem trying to be kind to humanity act but that actually is a dumb act. If we take time to train them, why not making them part of us. They may prefer to stay here. Build more welfare for them, make life more comfortable rather than sending the workforce back and training all over again. Love the saying that government needs training.

Life is not about how near you can see but it is all on how far you can feel..

Well, just hallelujah to our beloved government. Look like they need more sight-seeing adventures.

Yell by SueAnn

Thursday, October 21, 2010

When will that be?

I dream of many things lately. Mostly are non-fiction. One of the hot night, I remembered I woke up with sweat and try to sleep back. It is because of a dream that i dont think will ever come true..

Not about prince charming but it is about my planet charming. The galaxy that i been wanted to explore but never have the chance. I should have been brave enough to apply for astronomy since then. It will be my dream come true as I have always wanted to be floating up there without my gravity. As gravity been putting a lot weight on myself. 6 more times. Plus with the additional uncontrollable eating habit these days.

And to come to the fact that I just got myself graduated. Graduation mean nothing actually as freedom is what i been hoping for along these 3 years. I am still shock with my decision of further-ing study. How would I sacrifice my freedom again for architecture? What kind of charm has it put on me? Maybe i need to review back this. Dont feel like thinking about architecture tonight.. Perhaps..

What is the best thing to do when you get bored? Definitely is not to log into facebook. I just got annoyed with the wide idea of facebook. It been haunting me for so long that i started not to care for it. It is soon to be eliminated apart from being a connecting tool.

I am thinking of doing some sport to kill my time.. Some sport like marathon-ning.. But again, i need the consistency which lack in myself. I got carried away for reasons. Or perhaps, i can enroll myself again in some dance program.. More youth program as i felt, I got old for being old. Hahaha.. I need to have my circle of friends again. I dont wanna to have architect-minded friends as friends only. This is one thing to be done very soon..

And vacation.. So looking forward for it.. I need companions.. Hmm.. Where to find and when will that be? I am in financial crisis after spending all I earn on my car, my best companion that bring me anywhere. I spend on it more than I spend for myself. Somehow, I envied my car for that.. So, please dont get sick again. I will be in pain if you do.. hahaha

Let's be so.......

SueAnn the one who live and has permission to her own world. Password protected.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Working and that's life

Walking into the working life, i will never said no that often. When you work, you just got to yes all the time. There lies the chances and u just need to grab them. Working is no longer the same as study life. You opt to do what given without complain. That is work and that is what gonna to give you the important factor to live in life. MONEY. Not that i am money-minded, but the reality is telling me that we need that factor to live on.

Someone with and someone without will have different way to face their life. You need not to worry about tomorrow if you have it. But if u dont have any, u just need to worry about tomorrow. I defined the worry will be something pleasant to look for in life. Because you just dont know what lied ahead, u dont know what plan awaiting u. Because u just dont have that factor to help u plan. Money, why u came into our life?

Always, the question either to be or not to be never ran away far from my mind. The idea of working in this firm told me, i shall leave as soon as i get what i wanted. Get and run. But the people are being too friendly here. You just feel sorry to leave them behind.
Living in lies everyday feel to be unforgiveable sins.

I think it is time for me to move on in life. Thanks for the reminder. I shall packed myself and get carry on. This is what in mind but to where? It just got blank again.
When u asked this, what do you actually meant? When u tell this, what actually u wanna me to know? When it end, will i ever know? I bet the answer is not given. And i decided to give myself an answer. It is the end. There will be no duel anymore. Just the end to the entire production.

I am so full of myself. I been doing thing recklessly. Until a distance, i hate for being a human with unused brain. I should double check my stuff from now onwards. Any failure to do so will bring a bad day to me again. Bad day. I always wanted to believe in my horoscope teller but this is getting worst day to day. It is completely out of order.. ou lalalala.. I hate myself for placing myself in your shoes. But in the end, it was just all about myself. I should look for my own shoe...

Work, live, learn and play. All this come at once. At least for now, i will be a good worker for the love of play. To see how far i can go. How far can i leave. As far as possible.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A little more about life.

I started to work and and I resigned. I was always given the choice to be decide. The choice to either stay or to work on. And i have chosen the dead road of my first work. This is not an easy choice to be made. Either physically or mentally, the entire decision was thoroughly been considered. It takes me one hour into Mr. Tan's office to figure what am i decided is worthwhile. It wasnt a time to speculate whether the firm is bad or good but.. I cant see myself working there anymore... Of course, i will missed some of the colleague and not some of them. Pat and Kak Hanim will always be the one i will look forward to see again and Nik as well.. I have a great week with them before i leave.

Leaving for the good i suppose. Taking a break of work mean i am once unemployed again. No source of income and time to save. ;p This is pretty hard after going through the first month. And went back for accreditation. One whole week staying back on the life that make me laid back. Eventually not everyone was here this time. Everyone tend to have move on with life and so do I. I might find the entire place been so different with some of them. Even with some of them, the place has been changed. The old place no longer mine and the new one no longer new. It just change.

Because there is always a cause and so i will always never be. The feel is definitely gone yet the norm is there. It became a habit yet it became lifeless when there is no feel. So, I am certain that time heal stuff. Time make things change all way in mirror image or 180 degree rotation. It is no longer there but there is time i do hope that it didnt stop there.. ;p Self release mode

Till then i will be unemployed.............................

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is work?

It been almost a month for me to work in the new office. Ya. I am a working lady currently. But this will not last long. Whatever it is, that really come with reason. Reason that i choose not to work in this firm anymore is because of the primary reason, i dont wish to be the one to eat dead cat.  Of course, the other reason that tagged along is the lady architect. You will never know what kind of person is she.

Her attitude done one thing to me all the time : A N N O Y I N G.. If i am allowed to punch or slap her, i will surely do that... How to describe her, in short she is someone who

1. only like guy colleagues or more to girl same race - gatal
2. always give the ugly face - the ugliest expression that i wanna punched so much
3. will find my small mistakes and take for granted - wanted to vomit over her
4. her only topic is her daughter - auntie
5. thought she is that good- no one agree
6. hate ppl go back late, give ugly face and when go early herself smiling sillyly - stupid
7. never teach but demand for impossible things - draw yourselves if you can
8. thought her title deserve her - not 1% at all
9. she never listen and thought she is right - everyone knew she is wrong
10. She is just irritating with no reason and deserve the title of B I T C H better still.. She killed my interest in working in an architecture firm. I myself despise myself to work under such a lady. I cant take her anymore. Not because of the work load but when you worked with such an attitude person, you seem to be FML your life. You will get mad and throw tantrum to people around. She is just a disaster away.

The nice part of the office is there are also nice people who willing to teach and to talk to you. They are Hanim and Pat which I really appreciate to have them around. Without them, i will not even think to stay for a month long. Because they are simply better than that lady architect 101 %. Someone who deserve respect at least. I got myself a heart attack everytime i recalled her face expression. I wished to draw on her face so much.

The firm is exactly a place of no rule. In the sense that, staff are been treated as prisoner. Define prison
Restriction - No freedom - No right - No rules - No OT money but lots OT - No future - No eye see - No sense - No idea of what is saving... I hate the most when the entire process of printing been stressed up so much. BEcause they need to track each single printing.. Each. If the amount not tally, someone is gonna be in hot water. And they meant that, save this save that and save this the most. If you save too much and in the process, you just got your staff to be burdened off. Does that save? Respect and give the tolerance at least.

Hot temper is common in the office. I do not really encounter what is the hot temper of the boss as I wasnt really been giving the chance. I been doing the abandoned drawings for entire one month and do not really see the boss apart from that monster lady. I only can say hi and bye occasionally when he round the place. But I do not wished to be draftman for even once. I learnt but that just got myself fed up. Too much of petite things to do is a no eye see stuff.

My resignation letter been drafted and will look for right time to knock down the lady architect. She is so gonna to look for new guys.. Haha.. I am sorry but i am not interested in an old lady like you.. So, i choose to say bye to you. And so.....

To be continued.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

D la zy bum

Today is wohoo a sunday. Not to be mentioned what i did as it is matched to the title post. As usual, when i rose from the bed, it is already the mid of the day. So, i wasted half day of dreaming of something i wasnt supposed to. But making dream is one of my speciality.

And then, small aunt family came. It been so long till i really attended a family gathering. If i were to  be excused from these gathering last time because i am not around or busy with works, now, i experienced the idea of the simple sunday gathering. You need nothing but just you and them. It been so long ever since i am able to laze around again for a family movie in the living room and together with these people.

Updating each other about how themselves and to bring up old matters. I think when people get old, it is nice to dig out old memories. Old memories that catch the mind after 20 or 30 years long. And by the end of it, we were actually laughing at what we thought of.

Looking into other success is not what I enjoyed doing. Maybe because i am not one of them. I am still in the mid of thinking what is success in my own definition. Define success as time goes by. Is that this easy? Happy is a success? Thinking hard on that.

Case of the day : Marriage
How marriage affect the life of a person? What actually meant by marriage? Love or responsibility? I see friends get marriage early and get their first kid year ago. If back then, i will think, they are kinda fool to tie themselves down. But, if they really have a happy family behind, why not? If you not happy with it then leave it. That's the simple mindset of people nowadays. So divorcee happened a lot MORE

Marriage is a social union or legal contract between individuals that creates kinship.
Kinship. Haha.. ( responsible )
Grandma always said, you must get marry as you are a girl. But grandma, not everyone will meet the one..  Ask me back when i am 30 or 40, i think my mindset will change. One thing i love about people's wedding is.. the wedding photos. Regardless who is the main character of the frame, it is the charisma of the photo that matter.
This is the marriage that i wanted to see so much. Full of energy and of course arguments. Two person of different character will create that kind of feel. Imagine you were to faced your mirror image everyday, you gotta be so damn bored. But if your other half is someone that is the other way round of you, you may get to be in different emotion everyday. Just like everyday is a new day.  Maybe you will get tired but a it will definitely different and we called that sparkles. Of course, two people of same kind will have happiness in their own way. Just my preference. ;p

And let's see same sex marriage. The originality of human evolution. We have girls and boys. Yet, there will be some girls dont want to be a girl and a boy dont want to be a boy. The old people back then said, it is against the law. But what law that really said we cant do so? Is there any particular law? Or their own preference? It is unfair to the people that fell in love. Why do they have to faced the criticism when what they want is just their happiness? X and Y does really matter that much? Yet, to be fair, it is actually legal nowadays and maybe in 50 years, a trend so that the child of them will be able to proudly present their papa 1 and papa 2. Congrats for them.. ( haha.. I still like my korean guy actors much )

I wanted to attend a wedding dinner soon. Anyone have the plan on mind? Haha.

to be continued............

Saturday, June 12, 2010

M_O_V_I_E Theme-d fare-well din-ner

To mark the graduation behind, we had a great event launched. Not any event launch but like a wall of fame grammy award. The event happened when we supposed to rush for our portfolio and not to least mentioned, the design report. Yet, we make it. I believed that each of them already poured their 101% on that. After all, it is a success.

Event date : 30 April
Attended by : Star of wars of batch 2007/08

There were much preparation to be done before the event. I guess stayback to prepare for all this is a must. We have the Leader-Acap  -  Co leader-Chong   -   Secretary-Niena & Yaya   -   Backdrop - Michele & Sheng   Invitation/Gift - Li en & Samuel  Video - Shinyi & Ilam & 00 and others that involved. Not to forget me and some no name star as EMCEE ( what an experience )

To mark the day, I have my costume home made all by myself.. ( All by myself, dont wanna be..... ) I am supposed to blame it on my partner that insisted on the X-men character. It is so hard to compliment as the costume is rarely hard to find. If to rent, it is so tight fitted and gosh, make my days. Anyhow, at the end of the day, he finally let me be what i wanna be ( never really thx him for that and the effort to make Xmen 4 ).

So in the end, i actually come out to be an stone age guy...

Ya, I am Flinestone.. The man of Wilma, proudly present Fred Flinestone.. Thats me.. "yabba dabba doo!"
I have a night to made my own costume which i actually still have it under storage. The first time i ever made myself a real costume apart from the playtime barbie costume. To my housemates, they think i am on a war with the cloth and machine. Because, I need to figure out how to really sew a shirt. Haha. I got myself the bam, the costume, my tie and barefoot.

And introducing to you my partner of the day. He is of the character in XMEN.
C Y C L O P E or C Y C L O N E i think.. A person with the sense of humor indeed
turned serious on that day. I shall never forget that.. Haha.. Not handsome but cute and wanna act cool.. haha
And so, he is the partner of  X M E N  l V.. We just became the so called emcee of the day and the experience were :

because we are working all the time. Even the seat is not occupied most of the time. Sad case.
But we have also great time together, an experience not to be forgotten.

On that particular war night, everyone dressed up. I am pretty amazed by some of them. After all, who said this kind of themed event cant happened? Everyone is so into their character. Presenting some of the characters of the movie...

 MIC HE LE & ED WIN - cleopatra and her king of snake

TI ONG CH ENG & JA JA - Pirate of the carribean
I LAM & KAK LIN - street fighter ( chunli and grandpa? )

ANN GIE & AK MAL - i forgot their name

JIT PING & 00 - some spanish dancers

 CHONG & DA FI RA - phantom and christine daae
CLI FY & YAYA - Zorro and Senorita

SAM UEL & QL - L and Misa
SU N & TIRAM - X M E N l V

I wished i have more but that's all i can dig from facebook.. . and more gorgeous couple/partners.. 

Along these, there are even more group photo that full of action. Just L I K E  M O V I E S

This is my favourite of the day.. Haha.. My expression is pi.. la.. hahaha.. even thou the Mr. Smith do not compliment with me.. Yet, it is ok ..

We got the award of the day. Presented to everyone their own title.. And i have mine..
E_N_E_R_G_E_T_I_C .. What a compliment to someone as lazy as me.. Anyway, to whoever who got their title, i still think you are the best of you.. So do well anywhere you are now!!!!!!!!

The day ended with the tired mode in the face yet a satisfying feeling because we made it. We did our farewell well and hopefully we gonna have it the next year. If we have enough money to do so.. haha.. It is hard to gather everyone from everywhere but whenever there is a will, there is a way la.. Either one year, two or five years..  I bet there will be more kids to come around that time..

Waiting for that day and till then, we shall meet again.. TO BE CONTINUED..

Picture courtesy from facebook on various stars.. haha...

Of fi cial ly gra dua ted from prison of arx hi texturE

W A T C H A ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Officially graduated from UPM...

To be continued..

It been a three year journey. Making myself so long in the field. Yet to be honest, each loving days i have over here memorable in the sense that none of it really been wasted. Well, what can i expected more when at the end of the days, I think i never made the wrong decision. The fact of me to be or not to be a professional architect is still a mystery. How long will i persist with the passion..

Aloha, I love architecture.. I can only say this after I am released from the Prison of Archi ! Until the day when i really released on bail only i realised that the track that i left behind is so different than others. Unique in the own way and i am proud.

The major difference between me now and three years back are :

I am more M A T U R E
I am more H A R D W O R K I N G
I am more C R A Z Y
I am more D U R A B L E
I am more R E S P O N S I B L E
I am more R O B O T
I am more U G L Y
I am more S M A R T

Guess there is no other courses that can change so many things at a time.

And to be honestly, architecture trained the relationship of studio mate very well. I think i missed almost every of them. No matter they are dark, fair, ugly, pretty, nerd, sarcastic, lazy or smart, they really did left the deep mark on me. Because it is them. My so called studio mates for three years.

Their smiles, their jokes, their tears, their acts, their works, their words, their emotion will be remembered as long as I breath. Long hail the souls. ;p

Graduating mean there is the start of the working life. Been adapting but seem i missed out something behind. A graduation trip. Well, maybe i should plan ahead for that. Not gonna to lose that. And I am so then officially graduated from the prison of arxhitexturE. I am F R E E ! ! !

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Memories are meant to torture

Many might think that memories is a wonderful thing in life and talking about how people should move on. Memories has been part of our body and mind. You can never erased them naturally or even to pay someone hundred thousand to get rid of your memories. Those who had accident and has lost memories indeed is lucky. They have choose to live a new life. With a new mindset and abandoning the one regardless it is good or bad. But why people feel it is a disaster to have someone who lost the memory.

This is because they are greedy. They wanted the people to wake up and know who were them. They want their love back ignoring the pain once they have endured. They worry too much of themselves rather than considering the best for the person in front of them.

So, what can i conclude in meanwhile is that memories are meant to be torturing. You recalled and so what? You still need to move on in life carry the piece of memories that no longer there. You are silly if you stress too much on personal feel. In order to survive, you should let off memories and moving forward with blank mind. Then, you shall feel the freedom of yourself.

Throw memories..

Friday, February 19, 2010

who is form?

Form.. What was that? Does it important?

00 : erm.. penting ! becoz although ur plan planning is so geng but v a boring form, oso useless wat.. i think lecturer ned something out of box ba..

JP : em.. sure be combine together one ma.. make it interesting if it is not...

Torre : YESS... CAUSE.. EVERYTHING WE SEE IS FORM.. WHAT FEEL IS THE ISI OF THE THING.. what we feel is the content, agree? you look at an orrange, what we feel is the content but we dont know the taste, the skin let us taste actually, we will pick the one we wanted but we never know the taste..

TNG : i guess so, depend on ur goal, but i think in UPM, they care about form a lot lo..

Tiram : form no.2 penting, yg paling penting ialah.. adalah how u interpret ur idea into design.. tak kira space or exterior..

Clifford : form depends, if u say form follow function mean the more intersting ur function, or space, the exterior sure interesting already.. make sense, right?
It is hard to design a form then justify the space, but it depend on ppl's style..

ES : it will affect the interior

Karen: depend on your concept..

Monday, February 15, 2010

A lil bit about them..

UPM has been a great experience of being out of the house.. Although 30 minutes away from home, but i can be away from my home for at least 2 months.. Architecture has made all this happened all this while.. Time do flies.. When i recalled what happened back in 2 years.. When all of us is like stranger.. the first day to step into UPM hostel.. My roomate was Shinyi.. A pretty and friendly girl.. She spoke Mandarin.. Oh no.. I cant speak Mandarin unless goreng.. haha.. Lonely is what i feel during the orientation week.. Away from home with a bunch of new friends..

Slowly, I started to adapt to the university kind of life.. Together with this bunch of friends, i made myself way up to current third year.. We have been to a lot of places together.. From north to south and even to hong kong.. It is something that cant be forgotten that easily.. each and every single of us has come to a stage to compliment with each other so well.. We found our gang, our soulmate, our friends, our enemy, our like, our hate and so on..

Let me recalled the first year.. Together in Mr. Nasir's class, we have been through the architecture nightmare.. Sleepless night especially for the graphic class.. I was a bad artist after all.. I cant draw any better than the rest.. Michele on the other way seem to be talented.. Imagine what will you encounter when the worst meet the best.. I am the one who always throw tantrum whenever i cant do my graphic work.. And of course, my roomate, Shinyi will be the one that console me down.. Haha.. thanks to her all this year to please a bad attitude girl like me..

First year, we been to places like, Malacca during the independent day.. I have always hate Malacca for being so damn hot but in architecture, i learnt to see things different.. Much more different... The first time in Malacca with Mr. Nasir, Pn.Noran, En.Wan Mazlan, En.helmi, watching the Apocalyse staying in the hostel nearby the beach.. It sound memorable.. And the first year which I had my birthday celebrated in Genting.. They celebrated mine in advance that make it memorable as i never really got to celebrate mine with coursemate as it fell on the sem break.. Again, the bond somehow grew deeper..

I do misses the time when we stayed in the hostel.. K11.. When we will spend every dinner together with fellow coursemate... Everyone is so different back then.. 8am, we will contact each other to get ready to eat either downstair or k10.. or if supper, we will contact Michele especially to go for her fav- burger ramli in K10.. Thats definitely something to be missed... Of course, when you stayed too long with Michele, you will gain weight while she never.. haha.. And we love to climb gate to go out and eat as we dont have transport like we do now..

In hostel as well, we do get chance to play basketball with our so called couch, Chong.. He will somehow try to please us.. And the victory go to the ladies.. Guys in our class is... soft-hearted and they love us.. haha.. :P we do have great time back then.. But every years, there will be someone leaving and someone joining us.. At a times, i love to make stories.. i love to be the youngest.. and start to cling people to be my sister, father, mother, brother and so on.. Seem nonsense but i do think, this is the fun part.. Everyone can complement with me so well, and we became one family..

We went to Taiping and Pinang in the second sem in first year if not mistaken.. We do enjoy those trip all over apart from the assignment that we have later on.. In Penang, like usual, we will try to get the Penangities to bring us around.. This time will be cliff, Qian ling and mian mian.. We were lucky to have these great friend that try to entertain us even they are back home.. Truly appreciate that.. little bit of this and that.. We make it thru to second year.. Hoorey.. And we were seniors.. That year too, we went to the USM tranxsit.. penang again.. Holiday sem were in the middle and we were called back for the prep.. Princess Diana with simbab i guess... We won nothing but a deep bond among each of us..

The second year, we shifted out of the college, the bond that we tied in college has been different all over again.. Me, Shinyi, Michele, Samuel, Qian Ling and Gim Him have now become housemates.. The house that never really been clean, full of complain.. i love to complain about them but never change myself over their complain.. Guess i shouldnt complain much.. I need to see into mirror more often.. In second year, we grew even more wild.. We have more mild lecturer, dr, zakry, en meor, En.rahim.. With different character.. Together, we went to Malacca again for the Merdeka celebration as well.. And then, Kuala Pilah also.. happy trip with happy friends.. :P

Second year, we went to Langkawi.. Thats was a fun trip after all.. all i can remember was the chocolate, the hostel, the beach and so on.. We were so fun of every single deed we did.. the beach incident, when clifford has to be responsible for ee sheng... And the detail when i lost my hairband.. it mean the end of something as well.. The second semester was the longest semester ever.. It was the busiest semester for us.. When every single assignment come to the deadline, we got really frustrated.. The lecturer never seem to know our workload and we complained.. We got their green light at last.. And this thanks to Chong again.. he been doing much thing for us as well..

And then, we went ourself for the practical training.. The five of us went to Kuching for DNA.. The right choice that i learnt a lot, mixed with friendly people and boss wee that i admired the most.. At least we have a breakout from the architecture tense for three month..

Going on is the third year.. Finally, we come to third year.. Seniors gone.. We may not be so close with seniors.. but when they are gone, i do hope that we are much more closer with them before.. It is destine that we meet each other, right? Haha.. And we went to the south again this time.. With the same bunch of friends.. WE been together for almost three years.. More than that.. And now, we with Pn.kalsom, En.Meor, Cik Sophie, En.Nik, Pn. Wan Sri and Tn. haji kamaruddin.. A bunch of serious faces that have soft heart.. they look serious but care about us much.. You need to know someone deeper before making any judgement on them.. i remembered the raya that year is worth to be remembered as everyone took initiative to join for the breaking fast.. The broga and port dickson trip is not to be missed as well..

And finally come to third year second sem-- the last sem before everyone go on own way.. I will missed every single of them... even for the ladies senior that join us this early year, they have become part and parcel of us.. We went to Hong Kong.. We took flight rather than bus this time.. We explore the hong kong way.. Although i feel bad that we did have racist separation but that the solution.. A too big crowd is not easy to be handle.. I do missed the part when everyone was in the bus.. either he or she is too tired, fell asleep and got caught in picture... And soultrax to cover the connection of each other..

Before i started to missed the uni life, I will wrote some little bit about each of them so i will have a page to come back later in life, to recalled each of them.. We were friend of days and nights once..

To be continued...

Happy CNY

This is the greatest time of the year when everyone start to leave their busy life for one day and back to the starting point.. So do I.. I got a chance to be back home after one month didnt really get back to my room.. And i finally can blog in my home sweet home once again.. I am a busy person with busy reason to be disturbed by.. Quote by the friends..

However i do personally hope that, i can return to the time when it was years back.. When i was near to some of them and not in a distance like this.. Over the years, distance have been a great change where i do not take any action to narrow down the distance.. I would think, whatever will be will be.. people do comes and goes in our life.. yes, they do and i am right but to a point that i must admit is that, people do leave their mark in our life.. They definitely did... Especially to fellow Trance.. We have changes a lot or maybe to be quote, i never change and u guys change even more.. or the other way round.. Many thing change, i no longer can even stand those minor minor jokes.. people do change.. Anyway, to here, i wished you guys happy new year... and next year when we really turn 24, it is rabbit year once again.. Be happy and healthy throughout the year..

Happy new year to my dear big family.. Been spending the whole new year of my life with you guys ever since I am born.. It is an annual routine.. Apart from the food, there is something i love when gather around.. With the news flewing from ears to ears.. It seem to be a great source of update ... A better one that the current Facebook.. But, even on a new years, there is still part of life that everyone tried to show off.. stepping on each other with harsh words.. they love each other yet their self images is even more .. Whatever it is, do love each other and we shall see again the next new year..

The next year.. It is gonna to be different.. Although I am not certain of how different is it, I am pretty sure, as i will be leaving UPM soon.. more accurately, architecture.. Been so close with architecture all this while and when it is about to end, deep in it, i got the fear.. No matter how much you love or hate something, when it gone, there is a scratch in your heart that you once own it.. How much i love myself as an architecture student and how much i hate architecture in my life? This is especially to the circle of friends that i got used to them all this while.. I cant imagine one day in the May, when i suddenly woke up in the middle of night, trying to find my yamcha geng, and notice they are all over the north and south again.. They were no longer by the 2 minutes or 5 minutes distance.. But, they were back to their family once again.. Two more month in UPM and this phenomenon will happened.. Everyone will move on their own once again..

So.. just a plain happy chinese new year to everyone.. Have a wonderful holiday wherever you are.. Love yourselves and everyone around you.. It is never been late..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

a silent night without facebook

Yeah, right... A silent night without facebook is a night to do the revision that one will need to. No MSN and no facebook mean studying in full mode. The architect act is a long journal to be read and no one can gurantee if i were to fall asleep while reading it.

Tomorrow will be the day for the first time we were given a chance to do the open book exam. Once in a lifetime and fortunately, we did experience it.

Basically, the content of the book and notes is extremely bored. It is more on common sense on the professionalism. And i might do not have that. There goes the definition and the UIA.. Their so called accord. ALoha.. Expertise, Accountability, Autonomy and Commitment.

Then it touch about the concept of a profession that drag along about the specialised knowledge and skills acquired with code of ethnic, self regulatory to misconduct and responsibility for each actions and conduct. Element of the professionalism is the competenece, intergrity and honesty.

the characteristic of the profession will be unique and specific body of knowledge, specialised education, associated with jargon, recognition with legal title and need to be legally registered, regulatory with organisation, continuing edu, expertise and judgement .

The privileges of being an architect is the provision under law to claim fee, attain special status in the eye of society, respected and exclusivity.

All this is counterbalance to a certain level that being an architect is not easy. The privileges is no other different yet the duration of the torturement is much more longer.

Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia0 act 117, profsssional archtect, registered arch, registered building draftman, regulation of conduct and ethnic . conduct exam, accrediation to architectural program, development and promo of the profession and representing the profession in any local and international level.

THe b. dsn is 3 years in part 1 then 2 years part tow and prof arch will take at least 2 years.

UIA -education accredited in min 5 years
The players in construction will be the client with a dram brief land and money that most important to an architect's off and we depend on them. He is giving us a favour and not us.

a great responsible we had.. Gosh.. and a book to read tonight.. arghh.. so gonna to finish flipping it before i sleep.. and no more poker.. no more T. hoho..

The Final project

Feeling wanted back to blogging about daily life again. Although it might be a plain one with the same happening yet, surely this is the last sem to go. The last sem that i will be missing for the rest of my life. And hopefully i will be writing toward the end of it. :P

Today, been issued the final project of the year. Finally, it is the final project. This project will determine if i should stay in architecture for another year or graduate. Gosh, what a timer project.
The project brief was issued by the pretty cik sofie. Love to stare at her while she giving lecturer. She is nice to look at. :P while guys will be fascinating over her.. haha.. The project site happened at the Padang Merbok in somewhere the PAM center in part of the parliament road and were advised to pay a visit there.

This project wanted us to focus on a green office building. Not the building in green but green in building mean something that sustainable. Were taught of what passive and active system really meant and finally got to know about that. It was a long lecturer after the building material with the brief. We ate nasi lemak by tauke jaja for the lunch and followed up by cendol lepaking. I wonder how many more time can we eat cendol together before everyone depart on their own someday later. Maybe one or two or maybe not. That's life. People come and go.

After the cendol, we return to our beloved studio. It is time for the site visit to a LEO building in Putrajaya. Been to ZEO building once and now to LEO. I personally felt that LEO building is a failure. My opinion when compared to ZEO, regardless of the size. It is all about how applying the same technic to the thing rather to give excuses. Maybe it is a trial. But those active element portray in the building is almost to a zero usage either damaged or not efficient. It is just an office building trying to minimise the energy used. No offence to the Mr. Architect. And i love hanging with the siao char bo in the meeting room, feel like we are working ladies. And to highlight, AKMAL sleep all the time in the meeting room, he is not suitable to wear coat for meeting, he should be at construction site with his yellow helmet.. :P and clifford with his interpretion of ANGINA in his dirty mind.. hohoho..

We call it a day of studio. Everyone back home and getting ready for the architect act class.. And a set of working drawing to be repair .. Have a nice breakoff everyone..


Monday, November 16, 2009

after so long while..

Too long since the last day the desire was there. There were so much happening around and yet, i am still evolving in my own world. A world that didnt evolved too much. A world that lack of world exposure. ONe more sem to go and there my come my freedom. Didnt plan to do what after that but must make myself pass. A year stayback will make the world waiting even longer. People said, future architect and i said, no.. It wasnt the way it suppose. To be a doctor, u need commitment and to be an architect, u certainly have to have it too. Lack of it mean gone..

To be alive in architecture wasnt easy. Staying awake for 24 hours a day isnt enough and not the point. You got to have talent and all rounded to be ' kiasu' enough to be an architect if you lack of some talent. ALOHA, trying so damn hard. Really really out of ordinary. It been 2 and a half year since the time when i come to architecture. two year. not a simple story. Maybe i should just be a lecturer haha.. To revenge.. haha..

I miss you, my bed. It is so damn long since the last day when i really fall asleep in peace. It been so hard. We are not zombie. Neither we are vampire. We dont eat apple, we dont eat blood, we eat time. Rushing behind all the time.

Guess when it is time to lay back. I noticed there were so much happening around. Everyone tend to have a new story to tell. I am a bit upset as not being able to share part of it. It is. Regret shouldnt be the word at all as this is what i chosen. Just that, i am standing aside watching all the happening, at times, i do felt happy and glad as whoa.. I knew the person in the screen, glad he or she achieve so much. Proudly to tell the pal next to me that, well, i knew him/her and there's the old story come back. Haha.. Maybe we will be stranger thru, but, that's the story to go on.

Where i suppose to render the left out picture, i stay lay back and writing this. Mind is too tired to continue. Hand is even stubborn to hear what i say. I hate this. After this, maybe no restriction and back to crazy imagination.. I am good at that this while. Imagination been a drive after all. :p For those who havent given up, thx and for those who were, it is ok, understandable.

WHOA>> LENKA song is making up mood..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time just passed..

Second semester is certainly a nightmare. It is all about sacrification. You give and get another new things. Trying to adapt to this kind of life. Is not trying but really trying hard. Felt suffocated that I cant be the own self like what i wanted.

This is the lesson to be endured for one to growth up. Yet, the lesson is just too much. There is no air to breath and life were upside down once again. Believe or not i guess i lost many stuff this short period of time. I lost my stuff (crazy), i lost some of the friend and i lost the trust.

I have done whatever i have to do but at a certain time, i just hope that will give me a minute and let everything be clear. The selfish me tend to ignore some of them, i knew that yet i cant find anyway to compensate that. Just can hope that time will make them forget. After all, it took years for us to be this close, it took ages for one to find a real friend in life.

I have been acting childish all this while. I knew this is not easy to be tolerate. Yet, it took time for me to really adapting to the serious world. Something that i dont wish to be in. With the reality that hold on, this is just too much.

Architecture. IS this what i really want? A life of architecture kill many of my other interest. Things are not the same anymore. I lost myself somehow in the middle. Watching everyone here everyday and night. They became the pal of me and architecture.

I need a break for real. There is too much bad happening recently. Not those i wanted but those keep on happen to kill me. I am living in a world of my own for now. It is not easy for anyone to enter anymore. If last time was hard, now it turn impossible. Blog were my way to express this again. A copy that i might laugh back in the future.

MUM and DAD went vacation. After so long, they finally step out for their pleasure. Hope they will enjoy it more. And sorry again for being so mean all the while.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Maybe i should learn to stick to something. I have too many blogs until i have no idea how to find it at times. Greedy is what you called. Trying to find a site that suit me most but ended up being too busy and get fed up.

Just a little to touch up. I am currently studing a course that most people think is professional, a bright future and so on. But to me, it seem way far from it. Talent is another matter. ID is the one holding me on. It is actually a fun course. We dont really have that crazy exam yet our assignment is the nightmare that we have.

Starting my fourth sem, a terrible one according to seniors. I think i have much more stuff to do. A time management to follow perhaps. Life been upside down so far. And more project coming non-stop. And Eunice asked me to take over her tuition job, gosh.. still in midst thinking shall i do so. I have plenty work yet, i wished that i can earned my own pocket money for my year end trip. Asking money from parent all the time should never be what a 21 years old can do. Dilemma on that...

On my effort trying very hard to keep fit but it just hard. It is hard to resist and Without those strong will, it just cant be done. But trust me,.. I am trying very hard not to add on weight. With some intention of course, just cant appear so damn FAT in front of certain people. Frust you know?

Life is precise. Time is fast. Assignment always there. Have to go. Chaos.
Glad i started to blog again.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Never choose wrongly on your member

Extremely mad with my group member for the stupid titas. Especially the idiot samuel. How dare he come to tell me. I dont have time to do titas today. I want to finish my studio. To the hell he go. Everyone has the same subject and how can he be so selfish. I am not going to babysitting him. And for sure, there will be no way of me saying yes to be in a group with him anymore. For the whole friday, i did the stupid editing. And what he did? chat then copy paste the whole 9 pages of so called nonsense and do his studio again. Cant he judge what is needed and what is not? He got my nerve this sunday. Let's see how well he did in studio. BAKA BAKA BAKA.

He is much more terrible than Edwin and Clifford. At least, they will lead and do the work along. This fellow. Haiz. One word. Ultimate selfish.

Today is going to be a long sunday with the whole studio project to do. Nothing get started and have to get back to work.

Abandoned past became the best place to sound

I missed a lot thing lately. My freedom, my family and my friends... If there is the possible of an 'IF' coming true, perhaps, i will never choose the same path.. being in architecture make me missed out lots stuff. My family seem never know me anymore and so do my friends all around. Sorry that i have to turn them down for so many times.. An uncountable limit yet, they still have their opening hand welcome me back.. And i did turn wy down today.. She took an effort to find me all the way and because of something on, i just being rudely turn her off.. Quite regret.. But that is what i can do.. I missed them.. I missed everyone that once appeared in my life in 19 years ago..

My nightmare is starting soon. The third project. Dont think i ever have time to go home.. Not a single day.. ONly archi student knew these nightmare when u have to stay awake 24 hours a day to make sure you can present your model and board. Not easy to a so 'un-creative' human like me.

If Kc ever notice this post, you tagged the right person then. Haha.. I did saw your post but.. i didnt take the initiative to post back..sorry.. Just wanna say.. I only come here back whenever i felt i missed you guys in part of my life.. I wish to see everyone with their new story to be told but hate for not being there along.. Wish you guys all the best then..

I missed my big big family.. Popo who never stop calling me to go home.. mum who never stop asking me to eat ... daddy who never stop calling me busy student and sisters who never stop sms me.. and also my big family... missed my friends..

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I almost forgot

That i have a blog over here.... I do have a blog site anyway... HIDDEN one all this while.. :P Yet, i guess something have to be change over the way.. It was just too childish all along... i AM BACK in a more mature way supposed to be... U know? MATURE>.. haha

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Second part...

Let me started with Ykid.. Cause I just can stab his back most.. To me, he is just an annoying guy.. If there is a guy who can tease, bully and argue with me, it is him.. He always have his own thinking and as usual, the arrogance.. He never tend to understand what I said.. ( I lied to him all the time perhaps).. But without him, guess the whole will be more quiet and dull.. At least when he cracked joke and hurt people, there are others who enjoyed.. He had passion and know a lots.. Sometimes, his playful act make him not serious at all and it is hard to believe in him as well.. He is friendly and ideas was his major.. Freaky ideas might come from him.haha.. A nudge and I knew it is him.. But now, school ended and I guess I gonna miss this cute friend..

ML, what shall I said about her? My twin sister.. We born on the same day yet I assume that we both differ.. She is just like a baby in her mum’s eyes.. And of course, she act like a baby also in front of us.. However, in F6, things change as she knew a new group of friends that can trained her.. hehehe.. better trainer in the sense that she is able to take LRT alone, order and paying her own meal.. Just that I started to not know things about her.. She changed a lot and maybe everyone like that but not me.. I am not the worm in your stomach and don’t expect me to know when you were joking or when you were not..

Y2.. She was like a big sister .. Cause the way she think and talk make her so mature.. We can talk about anything without a fear that she will act childish.. We spend most of the time doing stuffs and planning stuffs.. I guess if there were one person in whole F6 understand me, she is de one.. haha.. National library would be the gathering place for us before the exam and we tend to share the tension together.. If she is not around, think that my life wouldn’t be that colourful.. And de way she drove was the safest among us.. She can be craze at times.. Cant tell how but if you know, you will agree with me..

Ruth.. One of the most adorable girl I ever met.. She is friendly to everyone.. She is a passionist just like her parent.. I envy her for that.. Kaka.. She will move close to u as closer as you let her.. A hug nor a touch seem norm for her, an US born baby.. You will love to see her act or sing.. And she was the first SETAPAKIAN idol.. In stage, she forget the rest.. All there was she and the mic.. All guy will fall in love with her easily.. Yet, she is still looking for her Mr.Right..
Oh ya, she have another secret identity.. A tissue girl and an enemy to the environmentalists.. For the crime of using tissue so much..

The next girl is Li Hwa.. Whenever she is around, the highest probability of issue being talk about is MONEY.. She seem being a money minded girl and business is her field.. Friendly and nice is what we can said about her.. Wanna see her hot temper? Don’t ever hope so.. She never throw tantrum no matter what happened.. Her car was the most useful taxi in the town.. Her car will always full with people as everyone like to follow her back home I guess.. Without her, St John couldn’t be that spiritful.. Haha.. So do CO-OP.. A wonderful and responsible treasurer we do have..

How about MenY? He was a siao siao guy.. Always with his formula in mind , like a big brother.. We used call him TAILO.. Actually, he act like auntie le.. Omg.. Really like a housewife de style.. Buy things got lots experiences.. And he was kinda gay le.. I felt like vomiting seeing his act.. So horrible.. Don’t know how his future gf can stand that.. but he was a genius I think.. His maths and physics was superb.. We ought to find him whenever we got struck in a question.. And he will pull us out from the dilemma.. Anyhow, he was a caring friend I do think.. Too caring until you will get scare of him.. And he still in a mess with his love problem.. Poor guy.. Merry go round and round..

Gan.. This guy also can consider caring de.. He will busybody on whatever you been doing… regretless it is on work or your secret.. One thing I remembered is that he made sandwiches for the juniors.. Gosh.. We de senior also don’t have and juniors got upon us.. What kind of fren is this? Well, perhaps, he is friendly and polite, that’s why he can be consider as one of our ambassador with the junior.. He is kinda popular among the girl thru he wasn’t that handsome.. Maybe he understand girls well.. And this guy can tease ppl too…

Next guy, Hizrul.. Wow.. this guy is more gorgeous man.. He can be in the dine nor in living room.. He can cook well.. And artistic.. HE is more popular among the girls.. oh well, he does has a cute look ya.. He often absent from the school since lower six and when he was selected as our class monitor, his attendance wasn’t that zero anymore.. At least he was more responsible.. I remembered that one day this cute guy really got mad and throw tantrum on my table.. Everyone wasn’t cooperating and that make him so mad.. First time I see that.. Haha.. He wasn’t that scarry anyway.. he did make our class profile.. Staying overnight with JoHan to complete the profile.. And the next day, we can see another cute panda in the school..

JoHAn.. Another Chinese guy in the class.. A techno guy.. he was well with all the gadget.. teacher find him to fix up things.. Like small technician.. He can sing also.. The first time I saw him, i do think this guy is shy.. He doesn’t dare to look at girl’s eyes whenever he talk.. We ask one question and he answer one.. But now, it is different.. he is more wacky than anyone of us.. When he get close to us, he will be more nature.. Just like what he did with his buddies.. he was rich lol.. everyday also afford to sms someone.. haha.. wanna know who is that? P&C ya at the moment.. Hehe..

King Son.. Guess I haven’t talk to this guy for a long time.. Long before, he was just like a kid, just like a small brother,, yet things can change and suddenly he become a stranger to me.. Without any reason to discover and it was so unfair.. If it is because of being a rival, I guess he wasn’t a real friend to be have.. The first time we heard him, he was such a robot.. He talk like a robot and kinda cool.. Time passed and soon, everyone know that he is just another weirdo like JOHAN.. two freaky guy in the class doing freaky stuff.. And there wasn’t nothing to talk about now.. So weird..

Christine.. A baby princess… Everyone love her.. She is friendly and nice to be friend with.. She like Japanese stuff .. Freaky with her special buddies.. She look like doesn’t love to study but that wasn’t the fact.. She is differ with other girl that look punky and she really take the effort to study.. Alas, that why she is in form 6.. She like music and going to pursue study in that.. But, frankly, both of us is close in the outside look and not inside.. Don’t know why but there seem gaps between us that kept making me staying away from her.. Knowing stuffs that shouldn’t be make that and sometimes, I do hope I don’t know that..

Chin.. Another weird guy.. He look like normal but don’t you be surprise if he was excel in his chess, basketball and maybe taekwando.. That’s what we said, don’t judge a book thru it cover.. hehe.. He and KL often used me as a middle pigeon.. Passing stuffs around.. Grr.. Maybe both of them should really meet up.. This guy really like happy go lucky.. he had no worries for his study.. And he online most of the time.. he can be a bullier if you play game with him.. don’t be surprise again..

Peng Lun.. He was a nice and cute guy.. Don’t think he was nothing ya.. He was kinda smart too.. he can tease people well.. And I do think he was kinda mature.. Compare to other guys from the MBS, he was more mature in the look and thinking as well.. Sometimes, he can be a listener too.. And if I not mistaken, he do owe me ice cream..

Ong.. the tall guy.. He is getting more smarter day by day.. He will do whatever he can to reach his aim and this I salute him.. His addmath is what I remembered.. Out of sudden, he success to master the addmath.. Doing all kind of exercises.. He proved that action speak better than words.. Sometimes, even me also cant understand him.. Even I can felt he was out of topic at times.. And this is what I fear whenever I asked him question.. And sometimes, I do think he live in his world.. He never tend to understand the reality of the world.. Just stop daydreaming and you will be fine.. His spirit to be a police is undoubtful.. Salute him.. Being a police in this community wouldn’t be in my list forever.. Kaka..
Form six wasn’t such a terrible experience especially when you meet this kind of people..

Let me start with my Chem teacher.. Her name is Pn Chew.. What amazed me about she was her determination to teach her student to get a place in U.. Maybe lots of the gorgeous guys don’t like this kind of attitude yet to me, she is a nice teacher.. She did cried and shared her own story with us just to advise one of my classmate.. I almost cried upon hearing her story and that’s what happening.. Our chemistry period is often after the assembly and the whole class have to rush into the class..( faster, now is Chemistry ) Fear upon Pn. Chew’s tantrum.. However, the fear turn into respect soon.. And I have a great experience working with her in the Chinese society.. She is just as young as heart like us.. Hehe.. But her hormone is not stable.. It may be fluctuating all the way because of pregnancy.. We like baby anyway..

Another teacher, My countryan teacher.. HE was the only guy teaching my class.. And he like to say ‘ FOCUS, Now FoCUS!’ .. Don’t get cheated by his size.. He was indeed a very active man.. Same as Pn.Chew, he is young at heart.. Maybe being the discipline teacher make him to have a serious look all the time.. Yet, together with his notebook, you can see the childish part of him.. Playing those animation and trying to fool us.. EKEKE.. teacher, we are also Cyber kids and your trick seem not working yet, we wouldn’t disappoint you..

Miss Cheong.. What shall I said about her? MUET had been a scarry class.. Nurul and I were the only two student.. So weird as teacher just focus in us.. Plus Nurul always absent from school and it was just me and her for the class.. We talk about anything more than studying.. She is more like a friend than a teacher at that time.. And teasing her seem to be not a problem.. Sometimes, I felt she was just like my aunt.. She is single and that’s probably account for her type of temper.. Kinda hot tempered at times.. But one thing I think she should change is stop hoping a lots from us, her students.. As S1, not necessary we have to be the cream of the cake…

Miss Ting, Gosh, maths class seem to be the worst class for my friends.. Her way of teaching is kinda weird… By telling all kind of not relevant stories at the wrong time.. Her joke doesn’t crack on us.. Differ from my friends, I felt maths is wonderful.. It was one of the subject that I don’t have to explain.. She act weird most probably she is still single and like an Einstein’s style, it is hard to have an accompany her for life.. I like her but not really her style of teaching and talking as well.. That will kill me for sure..

Pn Fong, I remembered she as a elegant teacher.. Her style was just nice for a pension teacher.. We never know about her age and about her leaving us as I myself doesn’t know she is 55 and on my eyesight, she was just 40 something.. She is experienced in teaching Chemistry and for sure, being in lab with her leisure more.. It is without tension as she wouldn’t stare at us and let us to have a room for improvement.. At least she know, we tried to learn.. She is just like my tuition teacher, Sir Peter Hong.. Making us busy in class copying the notes.. All the way yet in the end, I found referring to those notes was easier to revise and understand.. Guess that what she tried to train us.. I miss her lots.. I like her way of life.. kaka... She like to travel man..

My Bio teacher.. Gosh.. She kill my bio instantly.. I like Bio however not this kind of learning.. I expected something different and not from a textbook.. She is new and I shouldn’t blame much on her.. But she just make our Biology a term of memorizing and copying from books.. She is soft and kind hearted yet we wouldn’t want to learn all this in a BIOLoGy class.. A subject that I been wanted to be major in.. What to do? She is my Bio teacher for Form 6 anyway and hopefully she will be more experience to the juniors.. Stop killing our love for BIoLoGy pls…

STPM is over

Yupe.. My STPM had ended in a way that i want it to be..

On Dec 5, i went to One U with my frens.. Y2, Ykid, ML, KC, Jo, One tin, Kenny and Loongly.. We went to watch the HAPPY FEET.. It was a nice cartoon..I like mumble.. Ekeke.. We went for dinner at CHilli before heading for the midnight show.. LALALA>> went home around 3 am.. So happy that day cause my exam is over.. over and over..

Then, on the saturday, i went to movie with my aunt.. SHe treat me for a gold class movie.. We watched casino royale.. Everyone said that movie struck yet i do think it is nice.. with the action.. One funny thing happened in the cinema is that we two like kampung girl.. dont know how to push up the chair.. we try everything to find out the real way until we found the button next to it.. HAHA.. so funny.. Then, i went to overnight at yeye house.. We ate full full and watched a ghosty movie before going to the bed..

ON december 10, i was heading to Langkawi.. There are eight of us.. Me, Y2, KC, ML, Jo, Loongly, MenY and Ong.. It was a fun trip after all.. We had to take the train for 12 hours, then take taxi and then ferry.. It was a long journey .. WE rent a MPV at there.. Eight seater.. But it is just enough for us and not our luggages... we got two rooms and four of us in a room.. Me, Y2, Ml and Ong in one room and the rest in another room.. TWo bed and we have to take turn sleep with ONg.. What a weird experience.. Blavo for my two buddy as they dare.. And i dont as i scare later i hug him while i sleep.. Kaka>>>

The first day we went to the beach.. We went for the banana boat.. It was a great experience.. With the extra salty water, we still able to survive.. It wasnt easy to balance ourself in the banana boat.. We fall into the water for two times.. It wasnt easy to climb back to the boat.. I had caused the first fall.. I pull the rest together.. so sorry.. Unexpected fall and everyone struggled.. Ong hold Loong tightly until we feared both of them drown.. Luckily the 'abang' save us on time.. Hehe.. and the second fall was embrassing as the boat slow down and we cant balance and fall again.. This time, the scarry Ong climbed on the motor boat and not the banana boat.. HEhe.. he left and we can balance again.. KAKa.. What a wonderful exp.. Jo and Ml didnt joined and they helped to take photo.. They success to take the photo of the ball rescue.. Haha.. None of us actually dare to swim out to save the ball.. Poor guys..

We have our dinner at a restaurant.. Pick on the dishes like a family and we have that around 10pm.. what a delayed dinner.. we have fish, chicken, taufu, vege and sns pork.. What a balance meal.. Y2 have stomach aches on that day.. Poor girl..

The second day we went for snorkelling.. We went with a ship.. A ship with deck for us to sun burn.. We enjoyed the sea breath anyway.. But the snorkelling in P.Payar wasnt nice at all.. Fishes are limited and the small fishes really bites.. BUt i can see a lots of fishes, corals, sea rambutan, and i hold the sea cucumbers.. Wonderful experience anyway in the sense that i can see the fish.. And the lunch there sucked.. The meal set given was worst than given in prison.. All hard like stones... Surprisinnly is that a hungry stomach can finished that... Goin back and we steam burn on the ship's deck.. haha.. The most worst sunburnt was Loong, Jo and MenY.. All pain pain and cant touch them.. we went swim in the pool too.. With floater around, we just like kids..

The third day we went for the seven well... We had climbed 658 steps to see the invisible wells.. Nothing was there and we can only see the waterfall.. The scenery was nice and i was amused with the efforts of everyone of us.. Especially KC and JO.. They made it.. And the water was cooling there.. We let the fishes swim thru our legs.. And ML's shoe spoilt on the way coming down.. ON the spot, she shop for sandal.. And trance bargain again, save RM 2 for her.. me, Y2 and Loong shared two coconut.. C O C O N U T.. really nut.. My coconut was just too old and it taste like old apple.. Cant eat the flesh.. grr.. then, they headed for the Underwater world..
ME, Y2 and MenY didnt enter as we entered before and the entrance fees was rather expensive.. We walked and shopped for our choco.. Y2 and MenY walked the beach and i was left alone with my back burnt.. I started to afraid at the sun.. Hiding behind the sun.. We went for the dinner at the pasar malam.. We buy lots and everyone was dead full.. Economic burger, tomato rice, bbq chic, murtabak, laksa, satay, pancake and lots more..

And last day was SHopping day.. We went to take photo under the big eagle statue.. And shop for our souvenir.. then we went to choco shops.. We buy lots choco till some of us almost broke.. And some buy liqour.. Duty free really make different.. ANd we heading back to KL around 3pm.. And we reached KL by 9am the next day.. Tiring journey and sun burnt was a souvenir from Langkawi.. LAngKaWi was nice and wonderful with Trance around.. pEacE..